An effective solution to provide better training so healthcare professionals deliver better health outcomes to patients. 



As an innovative diagnostic company, Digital Diagnostic Asia (DDA) offers an alternative to liver biopsy by scoring liver fibrosis through an algorithm based on simple blood biomarkers. This groundbreaking diagnostic alternative is supported by over 285 publications and covers a range of various liver conditions and stages. The vast amount of information is not the only challenge. This diagnostic requires a change in medical routine of hepatologists, gastro-enterolgists and the medical eco-system (medical staff, labs, referral system, etc.) across multiple countries.



- Rank: Relevant training information based on physician practices

- Engage: Build lasting relationships with physicians based on scientific insights

- Support: Identify implementation challenges and address them in a timely manner

- Measure: Connect medical marketing activities with diagnostic usage to measure performance

- Optimize: Fine-tune in real-time training material and support services based on KPIs


Solution: Medview

Medview modules were deployed to capture all medical marketing and training activities performed on hepatologists and gastro-enterologists:

- Calls: salesforces in 5 countries were connected through the Medview Visit module. This included in-house and third party sales teams

- Media: training material were ranked and curated

- Events: activities at congresses, symposiums, round table discussions, etc. were all tracked, measured and analyzed through the various MEDVIEW modules deployed

- Automated Surveys: relevance of material, training and calls were monitored automatically

- Sales integration: API integration allowed measuring performance on adoption rates



With Medview DDA were able to improve physician adoption of the alternative diagnostic

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